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How Well Are You Aging?

The first step to aging well is knowing how well you're aging.

All of our patients get a comprehensive, individualized health profile that helps identify how fast they are aging and identifies their precursors to disease. We measure the actual age of the brain, lungs, arteries, skin, immune system and telomeres.

While you may be 40 years old, your actual physiological (biological) age may be 50. Tracking physiological age over time provides a clear profile of your individual aging process and can help your doctor determine which treatments to prescribe and when. With appropriate therapy, most of our patients actually see a decrease in their physiological age over time.


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Using natural hormone replacement, or bioidentical hormone therapy, we can help you slow down the aging process. We treat perimenopause, menopause and low testosterone (andropause) using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, testosterone replacement therapy, and antioxidant vitamins.

Menopause Treatment

For those who are going through menopause or who are post-menopausal, PhysioAge will put together a customized menopause treatment plan. We have successfully treated and helped females using bioidentical hormones, the hormones the body naturally makes.

Our special approach to menopause treatment incorporates a comprehensive evaluation. We do not rely on saliva tests or symptoms alone. Every patient is different and every body responds differently to the same dosage, specifically as it relates to menopause treatment. We believe the path to optimized health consists of balanced bioidentical hormone replacement, anti-oxidant therapy and proper nutrition and exercise.

Low T

Low T is a commonly-used term referring to low testosterone in men. Our approach to the treatment of Low T is convenient, physiological, and unobtrusive. Our treatment does not include patches or large amounts of gel.

In addition, we provide detailed information about the risks and benefits of testosterone replacement therapy in combating Low T. Our evaluation and treatment take into account your particular medical and family history, as well as your lifestyle. We also monitor the entire hormonal system, not just testosterone levels. To learn more about Low T and to set up an initial consultation, please call us at 877.749.7462.

A Real Life Story

The real story of one of our patients – how she felt before she came in, and how she feels now.



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