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The assessment of one's growth hormone secretion is an important part of any preventive health evaluation for two reasons. The first is that the signs and symptoms of a declining GH level are not as obvious as, for example, the cessation of periods or hot flushes in a women when her estrogen level falls. The second is that with regard to GH, people age at very different rates. While on average the decline is 50% every 7 to 10 years (so that by age 50 the majority of people have significantly lowered GH secretion), a 35 year old may have a GH level of an average 70 year old and the same holds true in reverse. Body composition, in particular the amount of abdominal fat, as well as aerobic fitness significantly impact one's GH secretion; the more abdominal fat you have the less GH you secrete, and the more fit you are, the more GH you secrete.


Once you know what your GH secretion is, what should you do about it? The sections on the left will help you answer this question by educating you about the rationale behind GH supplementation for patients with Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD).



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