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PhysioAge Systems Biomarker Reporting

How well are you aging?


"The first step to aging well is knowing how well you're aging"


  • Find out how fast you are aging
  • Identify your precursors to disease
  • Recognize your weakest body system
  • Receive a comprehensive, individualized health profile


PhysioAge Systems measures vital body systems to identify how well you are aging. While you may be 60 years old, your actual physiological (biological) age may be 70. Tracking physiological age over time provides a clear profile of your individual aging process and can help your doctor determine which treatments to prescribe and when.



Built on Solid Science

Medical and statistical significance


Detail and precision are crucial differences that set PhysioAge Systems apart from other health tests. Our expert system is based on solid science – extensive clinical trials, scientific literature, and careful statistical analysis of primary data.

Rather than using secondary clinical studies to calculate physiological age, we used our own in-depth, primary research to measure 120 attributes among 118 individuals. This study determined how biomarkers relate to each other, which enabled a greater degree of statistical accuracy and a deeper understanding of the aging process. Biomarkers are levels in your body which can give some indication of status and risk. With unique in-house measurements, PhysioAge Systems gives you complete, clear, and precise results.