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Suzanne Somers & Hormone Replacement Therapy

Suzanne Somers cites hormone replacement therapy in recent book

In her book, Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness, Suzanne Somers advocates the use of bioidentical hormones in what she calls "breakthrough medicine". In the book, Suzanne interviews top age management experts about the problems hormonal imbalance can cause and the best ways to prevent these problems through a focused, natural bioidentical hormone replacement program.

Bioidentical Therapy

In her book, Suzanne advocates the use of Bioidentical Therapy. She cites it as a way in which she was able to balance her hormones with the help of her doctor. She has made it her passion to become knowledgeable about how health and hormones. She uses that knowledge to practice "health care" instead of "disease care," making her healthier and more active.

Hormone Testing

Part of what Suzanne believes involves basic hormone testing. Finding the proper balance in both men and women is vital. Having an excess of certain hormones or a lack of others can cause issues for members of both sexes. Getting tests for your hormone levels is the place to start to learn if Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is right for you.