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August 2013
Dr. Raffaele interview in Men's Journal
October 2011 PhysioAge is featured on Dr. Steve Show
August 2011
Elle Magazine Article on telomerase activator TA-65 featuring Dr. Raffaele
July 2011 PhysioAge Salt Lake opens its doors on 8/1, led by Jeff Nelson, DO
January 2006 OnFitness Magazine article featuring Dr. Raffaele
March 2004 ELLE Magazine article on the new drug cocktail featuring Dr. Ron Livesey
December 2003
CBS Evening News segment on HGH featuring Dr. Ron. Livesey
August 2003 Newsday article about anti-aging medicine and our practice
May 2003 ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings
December 2002 The Today Show - Dr. Joseph Raffaele and Dr. Mark Blackman debate HGH
December 2002 New York Times article about anti-aging medicine and our practice.
October 2001 New York Times article on anti-aging medicine featuring Dr. Joseph Raffaele
November 2001 USA Today, front-page article featuring patient Diane Gilman
April 2000 Denver Rocky Mountain News, front-page article featuring Dr. Ron Livesey
November 1998 Bergen Record, front-page article featuring Dr. Ron Livesey



November 2006 "No Gain for Elderly from DHEA or Testosterone", by Nicholas Bakalar, New York Times
October 2002 Trying to Roll Back the Biological Clock, for a Price,” - Dr. Warner's comment about reduced mice longevity and growth hormone.
November 2002 Growth Hormone Changed Older Bodies, for Better and Worse,” by Gina Kolata, New York Times
July 2002 Women’s Health Initiative results, JAMA - Should you stop taking HRT treatment? The answer depends on the type of HRT treatment you are taking.
June 2002 No Truth to the Fountain of Youth.", Scientific American