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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for Women

We have been focused exclusively on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy since 1997 and have treated more than 2,100 patients during that time.  Our approach to HRT can best be described as “Precision Medicine”: each patient deserves a comprehensive evaluation and an individually-tailored treatment regimen that must be continually optimized.  We don’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” philosophy followed by most physicians when treating hormonal imbalance.  Every patient is different and every body responds differently to the same dosage.  We believe the path to optimized health consists of balanced bioidentical hormone replacement, anti-oxidant therapy and proper nutrition & exercise.


The difference between our approach and the traditional approach is as follows:

  1. We use only bioidentical hormones, the ones your body has known for years and of which it no longer makes enough.

  2. We combine three bioidentical hormones into a single transdermal cream that mimics your natural physiology (estradiol, progesterone & testosterone).

  3. We thoroughly assess every patient individually using a comprehensive set of blood tests, biomarkers of aging, a physical exam and a complete medical history.  We do not rely on saliva tests nor symptoms alone.

  4. We take the time to give you detailed information about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement, considering your particular medical/family history and lifestyle.  Patients will spend on average 2 hours face-to-face with their physician during the initial consultation.

  5. We continually monitor symptoms and blood levels to ensure that an optimal amount is being absorbed, depending on your particular metabolism.

  6. We work with you on a monthly to bi-monthly basis until you are on a steady regimen, adjusting doses as your needs change with age.

  7. We replace all the hormones that have declined with age because they are all important to your long-term health.

  8. We monitor the entire hormonal system, not just estrogen, and take into account how hormones affect one another when making adjustments.

  9. Growth hormone may be added to the regimen (if indicated) to restore the body's natural ability to repair itself and protect against cellular damage.

  10. All the hormones are delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

Depending on which hormones need to be replaced, the cost of medications can run from $110 to $200 per month.  Growth hormone replacement programs start at about $500/month.




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