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BHRT Program

Specifically designed to balance delicate female hormones, this program has been successfully used as a menopause treatment in hundreds of women:


  • Estradiol (bioidentical, micronized, USP) transdermal
    • Custom-compounded (mixed) to order in a base of moisturizing cream and applied to the upper arms every day
    • Loaded into 3mL application syringes (without needles), for accurate measurement and convenient dispensing
    • Slowly released through the skin into the bloodstream over a 12-hour period, which closely simulates your body's own natural production (We are opposed to the adminsitration of any oral estrogens)
  • Progesterone (bioidentical, micronized, USP) can be delivered in two ways:
    • Transdermally, conveniently mixed in with your estradiol cream
    • Orally, as capsules
  • Testosterone (bioidentical, micronized, USP) can be added to your cream if indicated
  • DHEA capsules, pharmaceutical-grade and compounded to order based on your blood levels
  • Pregnenolone, which can be compounded together with DHEA into a single capsule
  • Melatonin capsules, pharmaceutical-grade and compounded to order
  • Antioxidant packs, pharmaceutical-grade and manufactured exclusively for PhysioAge Medical Group
  • PhysioAge Systems testing, to establish your baseline physiological age and identify weaknesses in your body systems:

    Additional testing may be performed if necessary
  • $75 monthly Program Maintenance Fee applies. This fee covers the following:
    • Follow-up consultations, e-mails, telephone calls, physical exams, analysis and review of laboratory tests. (You will consult with your physician 3-4 times in the first year @ $250 each.)
    • Management of your lab follow-up requirements and treatment program

    • PhysioAge Diagnostic Testing listed above

    • Complimentary blood draws in our office
    • All the overhead costs of running a full-time age management practice

Although you will be required to visit our Manhattan office in person for your Initial Consultation, follow-up consultations can be conducted over the telephone if distance is a problem. Medications will be shipped to your door every 28 days from a specialty compounding pharmacy.


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