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The PhysioAge Program

The Physioage age management program is designed to reverse and/or reduce the effects of the aging process. It focuses on restoring cell function while keeping delicate female hormones balanced.


  • hGH is available in at least two different forms:
    • In a Norditropin FlexPro injector pen - must be kept in the refrigerator until the first use; after that, it can be stored at room temperature. In this form, if kept refrigerated it can last up to 28 days; kept at room temperature it must be used within 21 days;
    • Single dose Genotropin MiniQuick cartridges - easy to use: just twist the plunger to mix with water, inject and dispose. No refrigeration required, making them great for travel.
  • Estradiol bioidentical, micronized USP. It's easy to use; we have it mixed into a moisturizing cream base, which you then massage into your upper arms each day.It’s dispensed in a 3mL syringe, which takes the guess work out of measuring. The hormones are slowly absorbed through the skin over a 12 hour period, closely mimicking the body’s natural hormone productions. We are opposed to the use of oral estrogens.
  • Progesterone (bioidentical, micronized, USP) is available in two ways:
    • Transdermally – we can have it mixed it in with your estradiol cream for convenience, and
    • Orally, in capsule form.
  • Testosterone is bioidentical, micronized and USP, and can be added to a moisturizing cream.
  • DHEA is available in pharmaceutical grade capsules. We have it compounded specifically for you based on your hormone levels.
  • Pregnenolone, which can be combined with DHEA into a single capsule.
  • Melatonin pharmaceutical grade customized capsules
  • Pharmaceutical grade Antioxidant packs that are manufactured exclusively for PhysioAge Medical Group.
  • We will conduct PhysioAge Systems testing to identify weaknesses within your body and establish your base physiological age. The following things will be tested:
  • One consultation with a nutritionist;
  • An insulated pack for easy transport of your medications requiring refrigeration;
  • Follow-up consultations, emails, telephone calls, physical exams, analysis and review of laboratory tests. You will consult with your physician 3-4 times within the first year;
  • Management of your lab follow-up requirements and treatment program;
  • PhysioAge Diagnostic Testing, including arterial compliance, body composition, bone density, etc.

While the initial consultation must be in person at our office, follow-up consultations can be conducted over the phone if distance is a problem. Medications will be shipped to your door every 28 days from a specialty compounding pharmacy.



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