For Employers

In addition to providing a physiological age for certain body systems, our software will provide a letter grade as well as percentile, all displayed in an intelligent graphical display of aggregate data for use by corporate health departments.

Monitor Health

Our system provides cutting-edge, individualized, scientifically valid assessments and advice to enable better health management.

Mitigate Risk

Assess a employee’s continuum of future risk, thereby enabling preventive therapies to mitigate the risk of diseases before they manifest.


Enable the best possible age management through intelligent individualized reporting with the ability to add any results at your request.

Set Health Goals

Our reports store all of the employee’s results in one place, and allows the employee and his physician to easily track progress over time.

Why You Should Care About Wellness Programs

Health care costs have been steadily rising for the past four decades and present a major challenge in benefits administration. As a result, executing strategies to contain escalating health care costs has become a business imperative for today’s companies.

Increase Productivity

Workplace wellness not only increases productivity and job satisfaction, it has major effects on employee’s health and wellbeing. Employees reduce their stress, learn ways of making incremental changes for overall health and reduce their personal health care costs.

Invest In Prevention

Investments in prevention, health risk reduction and disease management programs have demonstrated returns on investment; and are a viable way for businesses to address the health of their employees and their bottom lines.

More Than Cholesterol

Wellness isn’t just about physical fitness. Depression and stress, in particular, have proved to be major sources of lost productivity. Wellness program administrators need to think beyond diet and exercise.


Using online employee health risk assessments (HRA) can guide investment in wellness. An HRA combines a lifestyle survey and biometric tests such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and body mass index, as well as lifestyle responses (stress levels, physical activity, eating patterns, tobacco and alcohol use, and other health behavior information). This information is shared confidentially with each participant to help him or her track wellness progress and, when appropriate, receive company-provided assistance in an area such as nutrition counseling.